About Us

Our Approach

When MAI was established in 1990, the company’s key mission was to provide world class service and modern insurance products to our clients. We achieved this by attracting and retaining the most talented insurance professionals and support them with state-of-the-art systems and products to provide a seamless service to clients requiring insurance in the CEE, CIS and Caucuses regions.

These principles are still key to our company. The talent that the company is able to deploy on our clients’ behalf is world-class, our reputation is established, and our back office and placement systems are so effective we are able to use them to develop and support innovative insurance products anywhere in the region.

Depth and breadth of experience

All the members of MAI’s senior management team bring a wealth of experience to their roles. Their backgrounds include all the best-known names in the broking industry, as well as many of the most recognised insurers, both internationally and in the CEE Region.

But good talent goes much further than just industry experience. Our management team includes experience in areas outside insurance; business, financial services, energy, transportation and defence, to name just a few.

Independent for better service 

There are five major broking groups active within the CEE region, but MAI is the only one that is truly independent from the dictats of large corporate investors; where the building of mutually beneficial long term relations is the prime aim of our management, rather than the next quarterly report, and where you are assured that your business will be recognised and understood by a senior member of the management team in the country or speciality practice. We are also the only such group focused exclusively on the CEE region.

There is volatility in the CEE region, and many of the cultural practices, which vary from country to country will seem strange to outsiders. Working with MAI clients have the comfort of being able to relax in the knowledge that our team knows the ropes, and will always act in the best interests of the client: we recognise that in the long term, such a relationship will always be beneficial for both parties.

Our teams are made up of professionals committed to the region, and committed to building trust and long term relationships: offering continuity and stability in a changing and often transient environment. Such professionalism also allows us to empower our teams, allowing them to respond faster to the needs of the client.

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