Why MIE?

Marine Insurance Express is for Transport intermediaries Cargo agents, logistic companies, custom brokers and freight forwarders:

Marine Insurance Express (MIE) is an on-line tool to increase revenue for Transport intermediaries
Marine Insurance Express (MIE) is an on line marine cargo booking system designed for transport intermediaries in order to increase revenue and maximize client satisfaction by allowing you as a transport intermediary to issue marine cargo certificates on behalf of your customers. The system enables merchants to manage their  marine cargo open cover.

MIE generates income
You can offer additional services to your customers and invoice them for the insurance services.

As the Policy holder you can receive the premium invoice, not your customer, allowing you to absorb the cost of the insurance, add it to their invoice, or even add a margin to the invoice to generate extra profits.

For every policy sold, your company will earn commission or an introduction fee. Commission rates vary according to the volume of business.

Minimizes administration
No more paper based work: MIE means less administration by offering an on-line product with no forms to post or faxes to send.
MIE is a unique selling point
Your competition may not offer a similar solution.

MIE is designed by experts coming from the transport industry and has features that competing products do not have.

Unlike other global solutions, MIE is designed to be flexible and available in your local language.

In event of cargo damage, your customers may not know that you and your sub-contractors are not responsible for the full claim. Most of them will not know about General Average and will blame you in case of trouble.

We would like to encourage you to give a marine cargo offer with every freight offer. If your client rejects the opportunity – you can demonstrate that you have done your best to protect your client.

Who can use MIE?
We can offer services to local transportation experts, merchants, freight forwarders, carriers, logistic service providers and for all transport intermediaries with shipments that need insurance.

We can also offer MIE to other insurance brokers and intermediaries.

Your local solution
Local insurer: MIE is independent from any single insurer and will use the best local service provider.

Local terms: tailored to local expectations. With its easy to use multilevel back office you can sell individual rates and terms and conditions to your customers.

Local claims handling: We understand the claim and local ”pain” and help you with the claims handling for a fast and fair settlement.

Local connection: MIE allows one-stop-shopping from your computer, you can immediately issue insurance quotes and certificates to your customers and modify them to meet L/C conditions.

Fast and easy
MIE was set up knowing that the people who will use it are not IT graduates or insurance specialists!

MIE operates through user-friendly windows with drop-down menus.

MIE allows for errors to be easily and quickly fixed and new documentation to be printed instantly.

MIE has a series of easy to follow videos and help files to cover almost every situation and answer most questions…

…and if you are still stuck, ask us your question and you are assured of a prompt and helpful response.

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Always check the paperwork!