Czech Republic

Czech Republic – Stability in a difficult region

Of all the cities in Central Europe, Prague is perhaps the best known to western investors and expats.

The city has been enjoying economic good fortune for several years, largely driven by German investment and the common choice of Prague as the regional headquarters for western business moving into the CEE region.

This influx of western business has led to a sharp demand for western-style levels of choice and service, which MAI Czech has been able to provide in combination with our extensive CEE network. This gives companies access to expertise, contacts and programmes tailored perfectly to suit their growth.

Familiar climate, yet different…

Although the business climate will feel familiar to anyone used to operating in the EU, there are still many local nuances that need to be understood and translated effectively back to the home country.

MAI Czech has been particularly successful in acting as an interlocutor for western companies developing their presence both in the Czech Republic and across the region. This is not just because we speak the language, but are able to understand, explain and navigate through the cultural and legal environment of the Czech Republic.

International Reach

Companies moving into new markets are sometimes surprised to find that the insurance products they take for granted in their domestic markets are not always available locally and sometimes the scope of cover does not match the level available in their home markets.

In situations like these, or where risks are more complex than they might at first appear, MAI Czech’s ability to access international markets has proved extremely valuable to companies building their presence in the Czech Republic.


Country Manager Profile

Jan Stok

Jan Stok holds a master’s degree in International Business from the University of Economics in Prague and received his MBA from DePaul University of Chicago. He started his business career as an analyst at Czech Export Bank in 1998 and he moved into insurance to work for the boutique surety broker TR Structured Finance in 2001.

He joined MAI in 2002 and two years later was appointed as the country manager for MAI Czech Republic. Due to his success in the Czech Republic, he was given the additional responsibility for the commercial development of MAI Slovakia as well as becoming the Practice Leader for MAI CEE Claims Practice. Jan joined the MAI CEE Management Board in 2008. Jan is fluent in Czech and English and competent in German, Polish and Russian.

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