One Region – one level of excellence 

MAI has been operating in the Central and Eastern Europe region for over 20 years, and offers unique access to the insurance markets across the region for companies operating in the region, either directly or through their established brokers. No other broker in the region has such flexibility in their international network.

This network is one of the company’s greatest strengths and has been carefully built to ensure that our clients, partners and carriers enjoy a uniformly high standard of service across the region.

All our staff are fluently multilingual, with at least English and one other Western European Language in addition to their own mother tongue.

This gives us a strong empathy for clients operating in their countries. We provide a set of keen eyes and ears on the ground for clients by providing a close understanding of the nuances, opportunities and risks of operating in each country.

Integrated approach 

MAI’s network of offices includes our own operations in 13 different CEE countries. We also work through partnerships with local brokers across the CEE Region. Wherever you deal with MAI, or one of our partners, you will benefit from a common ethos and service excellence.

Across the network MAI offers a very wide range of services, including many that even the largest corporate broking groups are unable to match.

Services provided to our network clients include:

        • Consultancy over all classes of insurance
        • Issue of policies
        • Insurance due diligence
        • Risk survey
        • Negotiations with local/international carriers
        • Fronting policies
        • Provision of documentation
        • Claims handling
        • Arranging master programmes & DIC/DIL policies as required

All our offices work to common operating principles and standards that will be wholly familiar to companies used to operating in western markets and keen to benefit from the opportunities of this diverse and exciting region.

Outstanding talent 

MAI is a leader among brokers covering the region in offering an exceptionally high level of talent and skill.

Our management, all of whom are active participants in the markets and sectors they serve, have an equity stake in the company. They also enjoy wide experience both in operations across the CEE region and in the major insurance markets.