Affinity Programmes

Insurance programmes for affinity schemes

MAI CEE Insurance Brokers has developed programmes with a number of affinity groups around the world to bring rich benefit, low-cost insurance packages to their members.

What is an affinity programme? 

An affinity programme is created by using the purchasing power of a group of people with a common interest, such as a lawyers’ association, customers of a national or regional supermarket chain, mobile telephone customers, sports associations, etc. to create a scheme often related to their shared interest or activity that leverages their combined potential purchasing power to create an economy of scale that allows the creator of the programme to add value to both the members of the group and the organisers of the group. It doesn’t have to be pure insurance, but can expand to include discounts in shops/petrol stations/hotels, concierge service, reduced labour rates from plumbers/electricians/builders: it all depends on the need of the group.

Why have an affinity programme? 

The reasons are different for every group. Common reasons for commercial enterprises are to reduce client churn, increase retention of customers, increase customer spend and attract new clients. For non-commercial bodies, reasons are to increase the benefits of membership of the organisation: using the purchasing power of many thousands of members to reduce prices and bring new products.

By augmenting the value of their product of service offering with an insurance product, both commercial and non-commercial entities can use affinity schemes to produce (sometimes very significant) extra income: the member of the scheme benefits by getting products at a price otherwise unavailable to them as an individual, and the body gets to keep some of the saving.

Looking after your members 

Our affinity programmes combine all the benefits of a global insurance product, with the high level of individual service on which MAI has built its reputation

          • • Backed by global insurers
          • • Underwritten locally to meet regulatory requirements
          • • Dedicated claims support
          • • Easy premium processing
          • • ‘Hassle-free’ operation

Setting up an affinity scheme can be complex, but MAI has the expertise, contacts and experience to help you do it.