Private Equity

Private equity funds are a major vector of inward investment into the CEE region for the development of new infrastructure and construction projects as well as general businesses. There are also several hundred private equity funds investing in Central and Eastern Europe, the CIS and the Caucuses that are located within the region; major hubs being Moscow, Prague, Vienna and Warsaw.

While equity cannot be protected from commercial risk, there are a wealth of other factors that could affect the returns, from normal property and casualty risks through to environmental and terrorism threats. We can arrange bespoke insurance policies and coverage to cover potential liabilities arising from the Warranties and Indemnities in a contract, and thereby make a transaction possible by making the risks manageable.

Private Equity funds are professional investors with a short–term horizon, and therefore they are more interested in insurance issues because as professional investors they are more aware about protecting their investments from catastrophes, and as short-term investors they are keener to make sure nothing goes wrong during their hold period.

Private Equity companies 

MAI has been acting as an insurance broker/adviser to private equity funds for several years and understands the private equity funds’ insurance issues.

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As the exclusive member for Equity Risk Partners Global in Central Europe, MAI CEE is able to provide seamless due diligence and broking services in over 90 countries. MAI CEE offers a specific set of services to protect and maximise clients’ investment opportunities, not available to any other insurance broker in the region, including:

    • Due Diligence Reports on the insurances of the potential private equity investment:
      • Uniform format across all countries.
      • Rapid response and timely information.
      • Secure online access to all documents from anywhere in the world.
      • Synergies and opportunities for cost reduction identified with implementation plan.
      • Gaps in cover highlighted with expected cost implications.
    • Placing of specific acquisition insurances such as warranties and indemnities  insurance.
    • Management of the investment’s insurance programme post-acquisition including management across CEE by MAI offices and beyond. 

Private Equity Issues

Equity decisions are often made with surprising rapidity, so it is highly beneficial to an investing equity fund to be able to take advantage of MAI CEE’s ability to react and produce assessments and proposals in exceptionally short timescales.

The company is also highly versed in the complexities of ensuring good governance and corporate social responsibility for new investments, and is able to utilise our extensive local contacts network on behalf of investors operating across the CEE region.

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