Employee Benefits

Rapidly expanding demand for employee benefits 

The market for employee benefits within the CEE is growing, with nearly two thirds of companies surveyed by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) disclosing employee benefits on their websites.

Organisations across the region see the potential rewards of a good employee benefit programme, both for employee retention and motivation, and for attracting top-calibre staff.

The principal areas that are growing, and with which MAI helps its clients build programmes, include:

      • Motivation & Retention Programs
      • Health insurance
      • Medical expenses
      • Life insurance
      • Personal Accident
      • Pensions & Retirement plans

Different countries, different needs

Many countries within the CEE region offer extremely high-quality state-funded healthcare, so the option for private medical care varies across the region.

Benefits such as health insurance, personal accident, life insurance and pension provision, are now becoming expected by many staff, and companies need to develop and put these programmes in place.

Regional strength, local knowledge

There are significant variations in state pension provision and funding requirements across the region, as well as employees’ expectations. In many CEE countries retirement age is lower than in the EU, but many governments are revising this upwards.

These factors can make building benefit plans challenging, especially for companies operating across multiple countries, without access to the kind of local expertise provided by MAI’s network of offices.

We work with companies across the region to build tailored programmes that fit the needs of each country, and provide employees with a strong benefit package.