Transport and Logistic

MAI provides a wide range of services to the inland shipping industry within the CEE region, including hull liability and cargo cover for inshore and inland vessels. We are also the first broker in the CEE region to develop an online product for freight forwarders and cargo handlers that provides comprehensive door-to-door cover – instantly.

Marine Insurance Express (MIE) is an on-line marine cargo insurance system that allows the freight forwarder to effect preliminary cover within a couple of minutes, and produce the insurance certificate from their own printer without having to wait to have it delivered to them. It is designed to allow small and medium transport intermediaries to compete against their larger competitors in terms of services offered to the client in order to increase their revenue and maximize client satisfaction.

MIE also has the possibility to be used by our Broker and Insurer partners as a third party administration tool, which enables them to offer sophisticated on-line insurance services to their customers and build up a profitable marine book of business.

Click this button to be taken to the MIE website:   Marine Insurance Express

Flexible rates 

The system has a range of standard rates that are calculated instantly online and offer substantial savings against standard cargo cover, as well as very comprehensive terms covering loss, damage and liability.

Cover is international, and bound in the EU: MIE can be used to insure almost any kind of cargo, through any means of transportation, to and from any point in the world.

In addition to the normal system, we can build custom packages for brokers and freight forwarders that can be tailored to include their own logo, and even matched to the needs of a specific customer.


The Marine Insurance Express website provides full multilingual access the in following languages:


The system is also being translated in Chinese and other languages can be made available with ease.