Commercial Property


MAI has been broking property insurance in the CEE region for over 20 years, and has built up an outstanding portfolio of clients ranging from local private individuals/businesses to global companies seeking to cover their investments in the region.

In terms of western investments into CEE Commercial property risks, MAI CEE currently estimates it handles €12billion part of €130billion invested in CEE 2000-2010.

Commercial Property Insurance

For Commercial property Insurance, the key insurances are Property, Business Interruption/Loss of Rent and Liability insurance.

A specific factor of the emerging markets is that both local Insurers and Internationally owned Insurers in CEE territories offer more limited conditions insurances than in western Europe, and MAI CEE has therefore developed clauses and wording amendments which it has pre-agreed with CEE Insurers, and which it offers to its commercial property clients in CEE in order to give them wider and more comprehensive insurance coverage than is commonly available.

Tenants’ Insurance

A key issue for commercial Property owners in CEE is that tenants in CEE buy less insurance, and will often only buy when forced to do so.  This leads to problems when there are claims, as if CEE tenants are uninsured (as if often the case) they are more likely to seek recovery from suing their landlord, plus if they have not bought Business Interruption insurance they are more likely to go bankrupt and become a bad debt to the Landlord.

MAI CEE has therefore developed “tenants programmes” where it advises on the insurance clauses in tenants agreements for the Landlord, it checks tenants insurances on behalf of the Landlord to make sure they have been paid and are correctly bought, and it has designed cost-effective and well worded insurance products which it offers to the tenants on the Landlord’s behalf as “affinity programmes”.

Private Property Insurance

For private property insurance, the CEE wording offer is also still very limited, and there is very little “All Risks” insurance offered.  MAI CEE works with Banks and Leasing Companies on large private property portfolios, to develop and enhance the private property insurance coverage they offer.

The other issue for private property insurance is the lack of coverage available in CEE for high-value contents packages, including fine arts and jewellery.  Again MAI has developed a high-value product for its high-value clients, which allows these insurance risks to be covered.

At all times we work very closely with both local and international carriers to secure optimal terms, whether for a single country or multi-region placement.